Most people know that a company is only as good as its people, and we feel pretty lucky! The eSpeakers’ team is the perfect blend of innovative thinking, strategic vision, technical wizardry, and customer service.

Dave Reed

Co-founder, Partner & Chief Technology Officer

As one of the original founders of eSpeakers over 22 years ago, Dave leads the technology team as VP. He continues to focus on how technology can bring real business value to the speaking and meetings industry. Dave’s leadership has resulted in eSpeakers becoming the dominant provider in the industry. When Dave is not in the office, you may pass him running on the local roads, on the river in his canoe or with his family traveling the world. Dave is an expert in chocolate cake, donuts, and southern cooking. Make sure you ask him about his Top 5 Best Chocolate cakes list.

Joe Heaps

Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

As a managing partner and Chief Marketing Officer at eSpeakers, Joe is focused on driving the company’s vision of helping organizations and individuals improve in substantial, long-term ways. Joe’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, leadership, and ability to relate to people. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. Joe’s strategic vision and leadership has propelled eSpeakers forward as the leading software provider in the industry.  When he’s not in the office, Joe can be found in Utah’s backcountry mountain biking, snowmobiling or out on the lake with his family.

Amber Shelby

Speaker Sales Manager

As Sales Manager at eSpeakers, Amber enables Speakers, Trainers, Entertainers, Authors, and Consultants to change lives! Amber leads our speaker Sales Team and helps speakers maximize their experience with eSpeakers by making sure they’re marketable to event organizers.  Amber’s people skills have motivated and inspired eSpeakers Sales for over a decade. Amber loves to hike, bike, run, ride horses and boats in the mountains and Canyonlands of Utah.  An avid book reader, Amber is also Chef-de-cuisine from legendary soups to her famous Chocolate Chip cookies.

Mark Hobson

Lead Developer

Mark’s love for technology started at a young age. He has a wealth of problem-solving experience and is great at pulling together all the little details to keep everything running smoothly at any stage of a project. His experience, thoroughness, and attention to detail ensure that projects are always completed to the highest standards with minimum hassle. When he’s not writing code, Mark can be found driving his “Back to the Future” Delorean, floating in his boat in the Pacific Ocean, or hiking with the Boy Scouts. You could describe Mark as a retired band member, video game fiend, and zombie connoisseur.

Roxy Snyder

Marketplace Sales Manager

Roxy is a sales rock star! All she does is sell, sell, sell. The good thing about all of this is that she gets results, and her clients love her. Roxy has been selling most of her life. At age ten, she sold her brother’s favorite skateboard to a friend for her first sale. Then she had to figure out how to tell her brother . . . that didn’t go so well. Roxy started her career off by selling fitness memberships, which led to her passion for eating clean and staying fit. Roxy prides herself on her endurance when it comes to Netflix marathons and gaming with her son on Xbox. Ask her about her passion for boating; she’s got some crazy stories.

Tesha Nielsen

Customer Service Manager

Tesha’s passion has always been helping people and trying to give the best customer service she can. With 14 years of customer service experience, her number one goal is always to try and get customers to smile and leave the call a little happier. You can find Tesha in the mountains with her family! Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, and riding their RZR. She loves cooking and baking, the color pink, pizza, and chocolate pretzels! Tesha loves being with her husband and boys and always tries to make everything in life fun. She loves her puppy Belle, and she always joins her at work!

Jill Heaps

Certification Manager

Jill is loved by our customers, assisting them with their every need through the sales process. Jill sees many parallels between her responsibilities at eSpeakers and her two passions–running and eating healthy. All three rely on being passionate, positive and finding answers to problems. When she’s not obsessing over how to help potential customers see the benefits of eSpeakers, you can find Jill lacing her shoes up for a run, supporting her kids in their activities or baking homemade bread. Ask her about her latest adventure where she and her husband ran the Grand Canyon from rim to rim!

Caitlyn Shelby

Social Media/Sales Assistant

Caitlyn is our social media queen, and also plays a vital role for our sales team. She loves being creative, organized and finding new and engaging ways to introduce eSpeakers to the world. Caitlyn loves to cook and host dinners and game-nights with friends and family. She enjoys photography, home decorating, hiking with her husband, health and fitness, and being outdoors and in the sunshine. She is passionate about finding healthier ways of living and has found a love for weight lifting. Caitlyn is a mom of 3 and family is her #1. She is happiest when she is around her people.

Ben Alyk

Customer Service/Product Testing

Ben’s role is to help customers resolve problems, and he also helps out on the profile creation team. Ben loves to listen to all types of music from movie soundtracks to dubstep. He loves photography and filmmaking with a passion and hopes to write and produce his own full-length movie someday. He’s also an aspiring novelist and an intermediate cellist. When he’s not working or on set, you can find Ben in his “Man Cave”, playing either his latest single-player video game obsession or playing with his friends online.

Caelan Huntress

Director of Virtual Training

Caelan is a marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. What’s unique about Caelan is that he started his career as an acrobat in the circus. He’s learned about earning and retaining attention and it’s reflected in his work as a professional virtual speaker. Because he’s a rare blend of artist and geek, he can also dive deeply into all the tech that makes a virtual meeting work smoothly. After years of hosting, producing, and engineering live webinars, he has collected and documented dozens of practical techniques for keeping a virtual audience engaged and interested. 

Tyson Butler

Sales Development

Tyson is a sales development rep, his gritty mindset is a huge asset to our sales team. He thrives on being in communication with potential customers and finding new and engaging ways to introduce eSpeakers to the world. Tyson’s never-say-die attitude is contagious! He loves to travel and see new places. He also enjoys cycling, swimming, and the occasional triathlon. he is passionate about being healthy and living life to its fullest. 

Ashley Graham

Outcomes Director

Ashley heads the Outcomes department — she loves using experts to help organizations of all sizes solve their toughest challenges.